Welcome to the Simply Print January 2018 Blog. We hope this year will be good for you. We have some new products added to our range this year including pull up banners and A-frame signs.

Happy New Year!

Well here we go again for another year and the hhSimply Print January 2018 Blog. Hope you had a nice break and are now back into it for 2018. I guarantee I’ll blink and it’ll be Christmas again. Hope you had a nice festive season and saw in the New Year in style. I actually fell asleep at about 10 o’clock in front of a Mr Bean DVD and woke up when the fireworks went off at midnight. No doubt about it, I’m a party animal. We made the decision this Chrishtmas to only close for the public holidays, so that our tourism based clients could still order at this busy time. For the time we had off,  I didn’t do a whole lot apart from mowing the lawn, which was probably my most strenuous duty. Unfortunately, I always seem to eat a lot more over the Christmas period and I’ll be walking for months to get off those extra kilos.

Simply Print is 17.

Simply Print was officially 17 years old on 7th December. That was the day the name Simply Print was registered. On 12th January we opened the doors at Peregian Beach for the very first time. Anyone who starts a new business understands how much work it is. We had a crane truck backing up traffic installing the presses. Then we painted the walls ourselves to save a bit of money. We were lucky that the printer I worked for was in our shop previously, so we had the benefit of existing clients who knew us. I spent some time digging out our old records, and Simply Print’s very first job was 5,000 stickers for Sunshine Sweets.  We’re now up to job number 13,456 and have over 1,500 clients on file, many of them interstate. Really looking forward to many more years with positivity and enthusiasm.

Wide Format Printing.

To mark our 17 year anniversary, we’ve added some more wide format products, including pull up banners and A-Frame signs. These are ideal if you want to market yourself at events, trade shows, markets, or even at your office. You can set up the pull up banner in about a minute and it folds up into a carry bag for easy transport. The A-frame sign is interchangeable so you can change your message as often as you like by switching the corflute inserts. Next time you’re around Noosaville, call in and have a look at our pull up banner and A-frame sign examples. We’re also supplying banners, wide format posters and laser cut stickers.

New Year Web Specials.

To celebrate the arrival of 2018, we’ve got a few brand new specials including A-Frame signs, so tap the specials link to access them. Don’t forget the occasional bonus specials on Twitter, Facebook and weekly email campaigns.

Until next month, if we can help with anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Brett and Brad