Online Printer Blues

A few of our clients complain about online printers, particularly with the colour being wrong.

The problem with relying solely on online printers is that you bear full responsibility for the entire printing job. From selecting the template to inputting the details and approving the proof, there is no human involvement in the process. Unfortunately, what may appear visually appealing on your computer monitor might not translate well when printed.

Let me share an incident that highlights the shortcomings of online printing services. I once encountered a lady who had fallen victim to the frustrations of using an online printer. She showed me her business card, which had a phone number printed in a dark blue shade inside a black block. However, all I could see was a solid black block, rendering the card practically useless. Had we handled the job, we would have never recommended placing a dark blue phone number inside a black block. Furthermore, if anything proved difficult to read during the printing process, we would have taken the necessary steps to ensure it was corrected. It’s disheartening to think that this frustrated lady had paid approximately $50 for 500 business cards, including delivery, only to end up with an inadequate product. Any amount spent on a substandard job is essentially wasted.

In another instance, a client ordered postcards through an online printing service, only to discover a low-resolution image. While it may not have been entirely the fault of the printer, as the client had provided a low-resolution image, I believe blaming the customer in such cases is an easy way out. The printer had an opportunity to contact the client after printing the first copy, but instead, they proceeded with the order. The entire process, from order placement to dispatch, is completely automated, and customers are often required to check a box confirming that their supplied images are of high resolution. However, the reality is that most individuals may not fully understand the intricacies of image resolution and its impact when enlarged. Although I appreciate progress and technology, there are certain aspects, like human care and attention, that cannot be replaced by machines alone.

Throughout my extensive years in the printing industry, one lesson has become abundantly clear: you truly get what you pay for, without exception. In essence, if you opt for the lowest bidder, you must be prepared to allocate some funds for the risks associated with such a decision. By doing so, you might as well invest in a higher quality product that meets your expectations and requirements.

In conclusion, while online printers offer convenience and cost-effectiveness, there are inherent risks involved. The absence of human involvement can result in unforeseen issues such as poor colour representation, readability problems, and low-resolution images. It is crucial to consider the value of human care and expertise when seeking printing services, as investing in a reputable provider will ensure that your final product meets or exceeds your expectations. Remember, quality should always take precedence over the lure of a bargain, and you get that special warm feeling of dealing with a local business.

Image: @porstocker via Twenty20

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