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Clients love free gifts. A free gift tells your client that you appreciate them. A client who feels appreciated is more likely to remain loyal to you. Promoting your business sells for you, but which one is best for your business? In this Simply Print Blog, we focus on two of our most popular promotional items, USB drives and pens.

A sea of promotions

The market is flooded with so many promotional products aimed at getting your business seen. Printed stubby coolers, hats, t-shirts, umbrellas, balloons, coffee cups, mousepads and balloons. The list goes on. Of course, we can supply all of these products, but which ones are best for promoting your business? The answer kind of depends on your business. For example, a daycare centre might not benefit from giving out stubby coolers, but children love balloons, so this would be a better option. In this blog, we’re focusing on USB drives and pens, because most people write, and most people have a computer.


We give out Simply Print branded pens, not just as a giveaway item, but to also promote the pens so our clients can see the quality first hand. Pens are great for promoting yourself because people will use them. Pens come in a large range of shapes and colours. They’re available in plastic and metal and you can even get a silicon button on the end to use on your smartphone or tablet. You can get pens with multicolour ink, and click or twist operation.

USB Drives

USB drives are a great giveaway item, because like pens people will use them, and not just in their computer. With modern technology moving so fast, USB drives are commonly used to play music in cars and movies on TV. So with more uses, it makes sense to promote your business on USB drives. Also like pens, USB drives come in a large variety of shapes and formats. USB’s that look like a credit card, USB’s that double as a bracelet, and even one that is enclosed within a pen.

Tips for design

There are a few tricks for personalising your pen or USB drive. The most important thing is visibility. This is more important than your logo or font, because if people can’t see who you are instantly, the whole exercise is pointless. If this means changing your font colour or the font style, or the logo, or even removing your logo completely, so be it. What’s the point in having your logo on a pen, if it sacrifices the phone number or website size? We have Simply Print pens and made the decision to ditch the logo because it didn’t suit the limited space available. Just remember, no one ever cares as much about your logo as you.

Simply faster service

If you want your job printed FAST, leave it up to Simply Print to organise your next print project.

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