Why the price change?

Just an observation. I’ve never understood how fuel stations can get away with continually adjusting fuel prices in what’s commonly called the “fuel price cycle”.

It used to be a weekly cycle, but now it goes for three weeks or more, meaning most of us are left unhappy when the price increases unexpectedly.

Do you think any other business could get away with introducing a price cycle? Imagine if there was a Printing Price Cycle. Imagine if you walked into our shop and ordered 100 A4 b/w copies on Monday for $15 and then got a reprint the next day, only to find it cost you $20. You’d certainly ask questions wouldn’t you? Imagine if you stormed out in disgust and walked into the print shop up the road only to find that they have the same cycle. “Sorry sir, but if you’d only come in yesterday, that’s the “cheap copy” day. It wouldn’t be long before all printers would be investigated by the ACCC for price fixing.

The truth is no other industry can get away with this non-competitive behaviour, so how does the fuel industry do it?

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