NBN has arrived at Simply Print!

It’s been a long time coming, but the NBN is finally being rolled out in Noosa. In the Simply Print September 2017 newsletter, we talk about what most people can expect.

There’s been a lot of talk about the NBN, the lighting fast internet which is currently being rolled out Australia wide. Some talk is positive, while some is quite negative.

NBN is a wholesaler, so they do not sell directly to the public. To connect to an NBN powered plan, you need to speak to your phone and internet service provider. Your actual speeds are determined by your provider and the plan you choose. Speed may also vary depending on things like network capacity, your equipment, time of day and your location. Some people say crossing your fingers and toes is also a contributing factor, but there’s no proof to substantiate this.

With all of the differing opinions and experiences floating about, one thing is absolutely certain. Anyone who wants internet access for their computer, and/or a home phone will need to switch to NBN at some stage before the the old network is switched off forever.

Time is running out in some areas, with the 18-month NBN cut-off reaching 447 suburbs across the country in the first half of 2017. It affects 348,627 homes and businesses across every state and territory. The fact is only a quarter of Australian households are fully aware of the consequences of not switching across to the NBN before the cut-off date, according to finder.com.au research. As a result millions of homes are in danger of being caught out over the next few years.

The Great Unknown

The NBN is still a foreign concept for many Australians because, relatively speaking, so few people have access. It’s not surprising to see that many don’t know their existing service will be cut off if they don’t connect to the NBN once their home or business is declared NBN-ready.

If you’re living or working in a premises that is declared NBN-ready, then you have 18 months to subscribe to an NBN plan. Otherwise your phone line and internet will be disconnected. This could be a disaster if you’re running a business.

You will notice the words “phone line” are bold. So few people know that the NBN effects your phone line too. I was one of those uneducated people until my phone company announced that we would now be using VoIP (Voice Over the Internet Protocol). This means your phone calls are made using the internet. Your internet and phone line are linked. So no internet connection, no phone calls.

Home and business owners should check the NBN status of their area before signing up for a long-term contract. Your current plan may overlap with the arrival of the new network in your street.

Your phone line will now be connected to the modem, so you need to ensure all other devices such as EFTPOS terminals and monitored alarm systems are connected to the modem too. In some cases alarm systems will need to be reconfigured.

Our NBN Experience

So how has Simply Print faired in this major telecommunications change? I won’t lie, it was stressful with the changeover, but we seem to have come out the other side relatively unscathed. We previously had one company who provided our internet, and another the phone line. With NBN, your internet and phone line are linked. So you have to sign up with one ISP for both. Our ISP and phone company weren’t participating in the NBN, so we had to switch to another company. That was the first stage.

From there, we received a new modem which is also a VoIP box, wireless gateway and ethernet hub. We were quite impressed with this because it’s replaced a few devices, meaning only one power cord. So now we were NBN ready. A month later we got a text message informing us that our NBN would be switch on the next Wednesday. We got another text message on Wednesday saying our NBN was connected. So we connected the modem and waited nervously for it to start up. We discovered the modem wasn’t working, so we phoned our ISP who talked us through the set up process. To my horror we were then told our VoIP phone wouldn’t be connected for a while, possibly for up to seven days. Luckily the internet Gods were on our side, and our phone line was working at 10 am Thursday morning. Not a bad result.

The Verdict

After living with NBN for a few weeks, we can’t say we’ve noticed a big difference in our internet speeds when browsing the net, Sending emails with large attachments however, is much faster, as well as uploading and downloading files. Being a printer, we’re constantly sending proofs and downloading client files, so it makes a big difference. We did have some issues with the modem not working in the morning, but have discovered that our alarm was disconnecting it. We’ve since plugged the alarm into the modem and this problem is now solved. On the surface the NBN seems like it’s going to be good for Australia. The question is whether it’s going to keep up with technology, and the speed that most of the world currently enjoy.

New Products

We’ve recently added some new products to our range including pull up banners and wide format posters. You can also get spot UV varnish on your business cards, which is a great effect. Our desk pads have been delivered to businesses everywhere, but if you missed out, call in and collect one before they all go.

Until next time, if we can help with any of your printing needs, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Brett and Brad

PS. Due to the rise in postage costs, we have discontinued our paper newsletters. You can still receive this monthly newsletter by email by subscribing to our mailing list on the home page.