You should always plan ahead for the important things in business and life, and that includes your next print project. In the Simply Print July 2017 Newsletter, we focus on how being disorganised can sometimes come back and bite you! 

Unfortunately, and I’m sure this happens with other industries, printers come across some pretty disorganised people. You know the ones. They stumble into the office in a mad panic, talking at a hundred miles an hour and gasping for breath. You must drop everything you’re doing, because this is the absolute “mother” of urgent jobs. The world will end as we know it if this person doesn’t get brochures to take on the plane to Melbourne for a trade show tomorrow. The fact that they suddenly discovered while consuming their coffee and cereal this morning, that they had no brochures for this important event is a bit of a worry. More concerning is the reality that they had the flights and accommodation booked months ago, but didn’t think about organising any printed material to sell their products and services. That’s a pretty wasted trip if you ask me.

Don’t worry, I’m not telling this story about any specific person. Some bloke isn’t choking on his lunch right now reading this and assuming it’s him. It’s only a generalisation of some of the requests we get on a regular basis. Whether it’s business cards, brochures or posters, the script is always the same. It’s a mad hectic scramble and a race against time to do something that should have been done weeks ago.

Your emergency or ours?

We have a sign in our office for people like this. It reads “Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part”. Unfortunately this does
very little to calm a frantic individual who is almost at breaking point. In fact, most people effected by this condition have “crazy eyes” that can’t focus on reading signs. They’re mind is consumed with a continually repeated message in their head, praying to God that their request for urgent printing isn’t beyond impossible. The best I can hope for is that the person remembers the sign after the job, and won’t make the same mistake next time.

Occasionally we get people who not only want the job immediately, but they want all the bells and whistles too. It goes something like this “You can do the job? That’s fantastic. Now, I’d like the logo to be embossed and a die cut section at the bottom. Plus I’d like it on a metallic paper.” Sorry, but the saying “beggars can’t be choosers” comes to mind here. I usually say “No problem. You can collect the job a week from next Tuesday.” Their expectations suddenly drop significantly.

Some people not only leave the job until the last minute, they don’t have any artwork either. So not only do they need the job printed in record time, they need us to design it too. When we send the proof for their urgent approval, we sometimes get this “Can we try a Sans Serif font for the heading and the photo slightly larger, plus I’d like to see it in landscape and portrait format, and can I see how the logo looks as a watermark in the background”. And just when we think the job is approved, this happens. “I really like it, but I just want to run the design past a few people first. My Aunt Bessy has a good eye for detail, and she’s at the shops at the moment, so when she gets back in a few hours, I’ll see what she thinks and get back to you.” “A few hours?”, I reply. “I was of the opinion you needed this job in a few hours. Unfortunately, if Aunt Bessy doesn’t like it, you’ll be flying to Melbourne with no brochures.” Again, that usually hurries them up a bit.

The cost of poor planning!

The strange thing is that most times, we end up satisfying the disorganised client and delivering their job on time. The problem is it always cost more to print digitally rather than on the press, so being disorganised does come with an added cost. Needed immediately compared to a few days can more than double the quote in no time. Some people think we’re deliberately adding a loading for the rush, but that’s not true. Miracles do have a financial penalty.

We have a Simply Print Guarantee that our business is based on.
1. We won’t make promises we can’t keep.
2. We will always communicate openly and honestly with you.
3. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of our printing, it’s re-printed for free.

Points 1 and 2 are taylor-made for this type of client. If you need an urgent job, and if we know that we can’t deliver on time, we will communicate that to you openly and honestly.

Our Brand New Website

Well as you can see, our brand new website is here, and is looking great. It’s been a challenge and a joy to get it up and running using WordPress.

Although most of the work was done as far as content is concerned, we still spent a lot of time getting it up and running. We did take a bit of a hit with our Google ranking for a while, but it’s now back to normal and we’re sitting once more at the top of page one when people search for Noosa printers.

New Specials

We’ve got a brand new batch of specials to welcome the new financial year, so check them out while you’re here. We also still have desk pads and lots of note pads to give away, plus some Simply Print pens. We’ve been busy printing on the offset section of paper that would normally end up in the recycle bin, so grab your freebies before they all go.

Until next month, let us know if we can help you with anything print related.

Brett and Brad